The Restaurant Dionisos Urgell is a Greek cuisine restaurant located in the district of Eixample. Dionisos Urgell is a Greek restaurant chain that features up to 5 restaurants in the city of Barcelona. Most of its products are of Greek origin, the menu is extensive and the prices very reasonable.

Greek cuisine has a melting point between two very different places and cultures, history and the passage of several major civilizations makes the cuisine of this European country can find details from both the West and the East. In the restaurant Dionisos Urgell find Greek recipes, we can find dishes such as Dolmades or moussaka.

Restaurant Dionisos Urgell is among the best places to look into the various types of Mediterranean cuisine and to get surprised with the flavor of some dishes. Attentive service, a restaurant with a warm and caring atmosphere and an affordable price makes it an attractive option for all audiences.